WINTER THEMED TOUR PROGRAM IN CRETE BY SPITIWORLD OF ORANCON GROUP The green light for planning and implementation of a new winter programme “Cretan Spiti” (for the period starting from 10th of October 2020 until 24thof April 2021) was given, after a short telecom between the Mayor of Agios Vassileios Municipality of Rethymno prefecture, Mr Yiannis Tatarakis, and the General Manager of the Tour Organization Orancon Group, Stratis Eleftheriou. The programme will be, initially, planned under the auspices of the Municipal Authorities (the auspicies of NTO and Hatta will be requested as well), while it will be based on the authenticity of the tradition of the villages of the Municipality, as well as on their traditional gastronomy. The program will be implemented every year, while there will be a global call to all those who wish to live the specific experiences. Mr Stratis Eleftheriou, the General Manager of Orancon Group, committed to organize a Determining Strategy & Action Plan to the Committee of the Municipality. A common initial agreement is to advertise the whole project effort on the global network of Spiti World (and not only), supported by up-to-date methods of digital marketing. In case the procedure runs fruitfully and successfully from both sides, the launch of the advertising campaign will begin in the first week of June, with the first call of Tour Operators and professionals from around the world, while daily Webinars & Workshops will be organized through the Zoom telecommunications platform from July 1, 2020. The minimum length of stay for visitors will be 4 days / 3 nights, with the possibility of unlimited overnights. Proposals for Sponsors of air & ferry transport branches, as well as the main local businesses of the region, will be submitted immediately after the final agreement. Local agents will also be called to be aware of the project, in order to achieve the best possible result.

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