Dear Colleagues, Partners and Friends! It is our pleasure to invite you to a 4th Zoom Monthly meeting of Spiti World Tourism Worldwide Network, which will be held on Wednesday, 01 July at 16.00 Greek Time. We will discuss of the ways to redefine tourism product so it can adapt to the new reality after the coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic. We would like to stress the need to focus on re-opening the countries tourism sector under new health guidelines in tune with post-Covid-19 needs of travelers. Planning ahead for the next day in tourism, we have to focus on opening toursm institutions that have incorporated all the necessary health regulations as well as every procedure along the tourism chain so that these fully comply with health developments based on the guidelines of the National Public Health Organizations. We will also introduce you the new partners of our Network. You are kindly requested to confirm your participation until Monday, 29 June 2020, connection details as follow: Meeting ID: 858 0800 6259 Password: 300928 Looking forward seeing you again!

Παρόμοια Νέα